Advanced Data Analytics

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You are welcome to record your presentation in any manner as you like, as long as it is easily viewable as a computer file that you can upload to Blackboard. Most of you will probably want to record your presentation using the capabilities built in to PowerPoint. Exactly how you do this varies by version in PowerPoint, so try out the help menus to get started or visit this useful site that walks you through the steps in many versions of PowerPoint (there are also plenty of videos on the web that show you how to make such recordings): Follow these guidelines when creating your presentation: 1. Choose one of the 182 Examples of Predictive Analytics found in the miIDle of your Predictive Analytics book (the glossy pages within the book). Create a presentation regarding the example; explain the example and how predictive analytics was used in the example. 2. Use the background material on the examples provided by the book’s author as you create your presentation. You can find citations for this background material on the course Blackboard page under the Assignments tab (right below this assignment). 3. Use visuals of your choice in your presentation (again, most of you will probably use PowerPoint, but you can choose any type of visual you would like). 4. Your presentation should last 5-7 minutes. 5. Create your presentation as if you are presenting to a business audience which may not know anything about predictive analytics. 6. As you would with any presentation, make your presentation as interesting and entertaining as possible, while still maintaining a professional demeanor. Impress us with your creativity and presentation skills.

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