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The Glycemic Index is a useful tool for understanding how a food will affect your energy levels, as well as your long-term risk of diabetes and other related issues.

Navigate to the University of Sydney’s About Glycemic Index page to learn more about the glycemic index.

Then, use the Glycemic Index Search page to answer the prompts below.

1. What are the high and low numbers of the glycemic index scale?

2. What does a higher number indicate?

Choose a food you’ve eaten recently and search for it using the index page above.

3. What food did you choose to look up?

4. What was the glycemic index listed?

5. What does this tell you about that food item?

Discussion board: 1 page

Food is a very personal topic – thinking back to our frame of reference discussion earlier in the course, each person has a unique relationship to food based on cultural, historical, socioeconomic, and similar factors, as well as personal preference.

For example, rice and beans appears as a common meal in cultures worldwide, as both foods are inexpensive, easily grown, and highly nutritious, and together form a complete protein. However, the type of bean and rice dish you are most familiar with likely has to do with your personal background.

  • For today’s discussion, please share a memory related to a meal that is meaningful to you, especially including the process of preparation of that dish.
  • Alternatively (or additionally), look up a recipe online that you might be interested in trying out and share that with the class.

Reflection: 1 page


1. What did you think of the idea of food as “fuel” for the body?

2. How do you feel about your relationship to food?

3. Was the idea of “mindful eating” surprising to you? Why or why not?

4. If you were to share one thing from today’s class with family, what would it be?

5. Do you think you’ll use the resources on recipies, nutrition, etc. that were listed in today’s course?

6. Why or why not?

7. What connections can you make between what you read today and the ideas explored earlier in the class?

8. What challenges to healthy eating do you think might be explored next class?

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