Active Reading

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Read the following handout and sections of the online textbook:

After you finish reading these sections, you are ready to re-visit “Youth in Revolt” (Links to an external site.) to do an in-depth reading. [Instead of going back to the internet article, you can download the PDF text-only version]. Apply what you have learned and make notes as you read the article thoroughly. Go back to the above textbook pages if you need more ideas for ways to respond, reflect, and interact with the article.

Apply the IN-DEPTH READING strategies and describe your experience reading “Youth in Revolt.”

  1. How did your understanding of the piece compare with what you predicted in your pre-reading?
  2. What did you find most interesting in the article? What questions come to mind? (Use the list of suggestions for analyzing content from the textbook chapter)
  3. What was your emotional response to this reading? (Use the list of ways to respond from the textbook chapter to give you ideas)
  4. To show your understanding of the article, pick one of the five examples of past activism described in the article and briefly explain how this example demonstrates the idea of young people overcoming a feeling of powerlessness to act and make a difference.