Accounting project part 2

I’m studying for my Accounting class and need an explanation.

So our company that we chose for proposal was approved.

Our company name for this project is PROCTER & GAMBLE (PG) —Form 10-K information, search SEC EDGAR ( or company website.

Let’s moving on to second part. I have attached instruction, template, and sample report from students in previous class. All you need to do are duplicate the sample report and reuse it (replace their company by our company that we chose. Note that in the sample, they did 2 companies while we ONLY DO 1 COMPANY), There is a template for you to compute numbers by looking at the company’s financial and their 10-K (see sample report and follow exactly what they did as well).

After compute and follow exactly what they did in sample report you will have to screenshot the result in template and paste it into our report. The template is programed in Excel and so you only need to fill out the green sections (The Blue sections will automatically calculate for you)

Look at the company’s financial annual report and form 10-K to answer some questions includes in sample report (No need too many words, 2-4 sentences with numbers and percentage if applicable) Then at the end give some reflection about the company.

Please let me know if you have any questions regards the second part of this project!

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