4 Corners Community Nursery INC.  
The organization’s mission is to act as a nursery school providing an enrichment program for pre-school children. 

Link to their website 


Search for Audited Financial Statements. This report may have more information than the annual report. You may find, in your search, the A – 133 audit. Statements of Financial Position, Statements of Activities, Statements of Functional Expenses, Statements of Cash Flows, Notes to the Financial Statements.  


(1) Comments on the Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs (from the A-133 Audit).  


(2) Access the IRS form 990.  What is the FYE date? Comment on page 1 presentation, financial information, comparing from this year to last year.  Who signed the form and what was the date. 


(3) Using the IRS form 990, what do you learn about compensation and the management of the NFP entity? This is usually in Part VII, Section A. 


(4) Part VIII Revenue: what are the major funding sources? 


(5) Part IX Functional Expenses: what are the major functional expenses? 





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