Access Project for Greenhouse

in this project you work with a greenhouse database. Improve the functionality of this database by creating a variety of queries and exporting the query results to both an Excel spreadsheet and a tab-delimited text file.

Skills needed to complete this project:

  • Using the Simple Query Wizard (Skill 3.1)
  • Creating a Query in Design View (Skill 3.2)
  • Adding Text Criteria to a Query (Skill 3.3)
  • Adding Numeric and Date Criteria to a Query (Skill 3.4)
  • Using AND in a Query (Skill 3.5)
  • Specifying the Sort Order in a Query (Skill 3.9)
  • Exporting Data to Excel (Skill 3.16)
  • Using OR in a Query (Skill 3.6)
  • Combining AND and OR in a Query (Skill 3.7)
  • Exporting Data to a Text File (Skill 3.17)
  • Hiding and Showing Fields in a Query (Skill 3.10)
  • Adding a Calculated Field to a Query (Skill 3.8)
  • Finding Unmatched Data Using a Query (Skill 3.12)
  • Using a Parameter Query (Skill 3.11)
  • Filtering Data Using AutoFilter (Skill 3.14)
  • Filtering Data Using Filter by Selection (Skill 3.15)
  1. Create a new query named: GreenhouseTechsFT
  2. Export the GreenhouseTechsFT query to an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Create a new query named: NewPlants.
  4. Export the NewPlants query to a text file.
  5. Create a new query named: RedPlantSale
  6. Use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard to create a new query that identifies the plants that have no entry in theMaintenanceLog.
  7. Create a new parameter query named: PlantsByColor

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