ACC Part A: Discussion, Part B: Reply to two peers post(separately)

I’m trying to learn for my Accounting class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Part A:

In this week’s discussion, you will make connections between your chosen field (Clerical Associate) and what you have learned about financial accounting up to this point. This discussion is important practice for the second part of your final project, in which you will analyze the practical applications of financial accounting in terms of how relevant it is to your own professional aspirations.

In your initial post, describe your current or aspiring professional identity, including your career and the field in which you work or hope to work. What sort of transactions would you encounter in that field? What are the impacts of those transactions on the business? List and describe several examples.

Part B: Then, review your peers’ initial posts to find out who is working or plans to work in the fields or professions most closely related to your own. In your responses to those peers, compare and contrast your responses. Specifically, comment on how important financial accounting is within that field or profession. Before taking this course, would you have held the same view? Why or why not?

Peer Post 1: I’m going to choose marketing because that is one of my concentrations for college. I unfortunately still don’t know what I am going to do in the business field, got plenty of time to figure it out still.
I hope to work at a big business and seeing how I am focusing in marketing, I hope I can make advertisements and go over the costs and sales. This would require me to use the inventory sheet and go by each month statements to see how much we are spending. Inventory sheet would be to count how many of the product I have and how much I need to order. These all have impacts on the product I’d try to sell for the company. These impacts include loss of sales, loss of product(inventory), or cost is to high so that leads into loss of sales.

Peer Post 2: I am currently in school to get my degree in sports management to help me get in to sports as a full time career. I hope to obtain my degree and then my teacher license so I can become a football coach rather it be assistant or head coach I just want to be apart of a team as more than a volunteer but as my job. Although coaching is not going to use a lot of accounting I may find myself working in a situation where I am in a front office of some sort dealing with the fiances. Most organizations from youth to professional are organizations that only survive with profit from ticket sales, concessions and gate fees. This is were some of that accounting that I have learned during this course will help.

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