Academy for Jewish Religion Legal Challenges Facing Huawei Technologies Company

Question Description

Step 1: Research an organization that faced a legal challenge within the past two years. This company can be a local business, national brand, or global enterprise.

Step 2: Review the findings of the court and research the information presented by both parties (plaintiff and defendant).

Step 3: Present a detailed, cohesive review of the case from both perspectives.

Step 4: Offer a final argument of your own opinion of the case. Do you agree with the court’s findings? Do you disagree? Why? Please make sure you use the legal context and examples from our class textbook to support your claim.

Step 5: Upload your case review directly to this assignment link. Your essay must adhere to the following:

– Title page

– 2 to 3 pages (not including title page)

– Must be written academically with an introduction to the case, a body with both arguments presented, and a conclusion with your final argument for your own stance on the case.

– Reference page containing at least two reference

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