ABC bank reports the following

ABC bank reports the following items on its balance sheet: cash, BDT200 million; T-bills, BDT150 million; mortgage loans, BDT300 million; and corporate loans, BDT350 million. Its off-balance sheet items include standby letter of credit (SLC), BDT20 million; and long-term credit commitments to Microsoft, Apple, and Rakuten, BDT160 million. If the bank reports Tier 1 capital of BDT30 million and Tier 2 capital of BDT20 million, does it have a capital adequacy? Suppose Standard Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) = 11.50%; Risk weights: 0% for cash and government securities, 20% for deposit held at other banks and SLC, 50% for mortgage loans and 100% for corporate loans, long-term credit commitments etc.; Conversion factor for SLC is 0.30 and 0.60 for long-term credit commitments.

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