A study was conducted to deter

A study was conducted to determine whether certain physical properties of asphalt are related to portions of a gel permeation chromatogram of the asphalt (“Methodology for Defining LMS Portion in Asphalt Chromatogram,” J. of Materials in Civil Engr., 1997: 31–39). To determine whether certain bands or slices of the chromatogram can be used to distinguish different aging conditions in asphalt, samples of grade AC-10 asphalt were sampled from several sources and artificially aged, some samples for 5 hours and others for 24 hours. Another group of samples was not aged. The following table shows the percentage area of the same slice of the chromatograms of these samples (i.e., area of the slice as a percentage of the entire chromatogram):

Can you conclude (using    .05) that there is a difference between the means for the three age categories?

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