– A solid shaft is subjected t

– A solid shaft is subjected to a tensile axial force of 300 kN, a bending moment of 5.0 kN·m, and a torque of 9.0 kN·m. A safety factor against yielding of 2.75 is required. What is the smallest permissible value of diameter d if the material is 18 Ni (250) maraging steel?

Q:-146- A vertical force of 50 kN is applied at mid-span of a simply supported beam, as in Fig. A.4(a). The beam is made of AISI 1020 steel (as rolled), it is 1.0 m long, and it has an I-shaped cross section. The dimensions, as defined in Fig. A.2(d), are h2 = 150, h1 = 135, b2 = 100, and b1 = 96 mm, with loading in the y-direction of Fig. A.2(d). (a) For an arbitrary location along the beam length, qualitatively sketch the variations of bending stress and of transverse shear stress through the depth of the beam. (b) Determine the safety factor against yielding, checking any points of possible maximum stress. (Suggestion: The transverse shear stress at the center of the beam, y = 0, may be approximated as τx y = V/Aweb.)

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