– A solid circular shaft 1.0 m

– A solid circular shaft 1.0 m long must support a bending moment M = 1.0 kN·m and a torque T = 1.5 kN·m. A safety factor of X = 2.0 against yielding is required. (a) What shaft diameter d is required if the material is AISI 1020 steel? What is the resulting mass of the shaft? (b) Also, consider the possibility of making the shaft out of 2024-T4 aluminum, 7075-T6 aluminum, or one of the tempers of AISI 4140 steel from Prob. 4.33. Calculate the required diameter and mass for each. (c) Select a material for the shaft from among those considered in (a) and (b). Assume that the shaft must be both light in weight and inexpensive, and also not prone to sudden fracture. See Table 3.13 for useful data.

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