a response paper 2

your logical, thoughtful response to someone else’s opinion on a moral issue in the news, an issue on which there is disagreement about right and wrong.

Choose a recent (within the past SIX months) EDITORIAL or OPINION piece, or letter to the editor, in a legitimate journalistic enterprise (newspaper, news site, magazine).

Respond to the editorial in prose format, answering these questions (do not number them in your paper).

1.Identify the MORAL issue.

2. State the authors’ position on the issue.

3. State the author’s reasons for their position.

4. State which theory you believe the AUTHOR’s argument represents.

5. State your position on the issue.

6. State reasons for your position.

7. State the theory YOUR argument represents

Do NOT use relativism, subjectivism, or divine command as your argument.

Do not say the author is a subjectivist/ relativist, nor that you are one.

Eligible theories include Kantianism, utilitarianism, egoism, natural law, virtue ethics, and feminist ethics.

6. STAPLE the editorial you are responding to (printed, cut out, copied, all ok) to the back of your paper. No cover page or folder is needed.

Leaving out any one of the above elements will cost you severely in points.

If you are in doubt about the editorial or the moral issue, contact me before the due date.

Put your name, date, and day/time of your class in the upper corner.

Your response paper should be at least TWO FULL pages, typed, double-spaced, using standard (12 point) font and standard margins.

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