A Campaign Directed to Hispanic Women

A Campaign Directed to Hispanic Women

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Read and carefully consider the following public relations scenario. Respond to the question in the form of a 1-3 page paper. Submit your paper via the “Assignment” link below. Be sure to save your document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) before submission.


A Campaign Directed to Hispanic Women

The latest innovation in sun care protection is spray-on sunscreens, which come in an ozone-free canister that sprays a clear mist that coats the skin without any rubbing. Dermatologists say the spray-on sunscreen offers the advantage of being easy to apply, which means that individuals will be more likely to coat every part of the body rather than just dab a little lotion on the arms, nose, or shoulders.

Banana Boat brand is currently marketing its Ultra-Mist sunblock, but it’s interested in developing a tailored campaign directly oriented to Hispanic women aged 18-25. Market research indicates that this group is particularly interested in products that help them maintain a lighter skin tone, which is preferred in traditional Hispanic culture.

Banana Boat retains your public relations firm to develop a public relations program that will effectively build awareness and visibility for its Ultra-Mist product in the Hispanic community. What would you do in terms of using ethnic media? What about traditional media? What kinds of events or promotions would you have? How would you use websites, blogs, and other social networks such as Facebook or even Twitter? Your proposal should be PR-focused; there is no budget for paid advertising.

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