7-1 Final Project Milestone T

There are two parts to this milestone. In the first part, you will create a project scope statement. In the second part, you will set up your project using MS Project
software and create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Prompt I: Thus far in the course, you have completed a case study overview and a project charter. In this milestone, you will develop a project scope statement
using the template provided. A data set for this case study has also been provided for your benefit.
Your project scope statement should include the following critical elements:

I. Introduction: A concise overview of the project.

II. Purpose and Justification: How does the project support business goals and objectives?

III. Scope Description: All known characteristics of the project’s product or service.

IV. High-Level Requirements: All known requirements of the project’s product or service.

V. Boundaries: What should and should not be included in the project?

VI. Strategy: Strategy to be used by the project team to manage the project.

VII. Acceptance Criteria: Criteria that must be met for the project to be considered “complete.”

VIII. Constraints: Limitations due to time, budget, technology, or other resources.

IX. Assumptions: Assumptions under which all stakeholders are making decisions.

X. Cost Estimate: Estimate of funding needed to successfully complete the project.

XI. Cost/Benefit Analysis: Analysis of organizational costs versus organizational benefits.

Prompt II: Once you completed your scope statement, you will set up your project using MS Project software. As you do this, you will be creating a WBS. In your
WBS, you will identify what tasks need to be developed and the relationship among the tasks. This WBS will be used in planning your project. There is no need to
go any further than a Level 3 in creating your WBS.

The case study for this assignment is within the rubric as well as the dataset and project scope statement template. MS Project is needed for this assignment. I attached my initial overview of the case study, but the project charter was done incorrectly by another tutor, so I won’t even attach that as I need to rework it.

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