6107 5 design educational material on eating and sleep disorders and substance abuse assignment

Prepare two brochures suitable for placement in a college health center. One brochure focuses on feeding-eating and sleep-wake disorders, the other brochure focuses on substance-related disorders.

The goal of the eating and sleeping disorder brochure is to help students understand how to recognize when they have an eating or sleeping disorder, what the causes of the disorder might be, where they can turn for help in their school, community, or online, and what treatment options they have.

The substance abuse brochure should identify the signs of abuse (vs. use), difficulties associated with substance-related disorders, a description of various substances typically abused in college (diet pills, “study pills” such as forms of amphetamines). The brochures should be informative and engaging for this particular age group.

Be sure to include appropriate references for the material you use in the brochure.

Note: If you find the mastering the brochure format too challenging, you may choose to present your material in a PowerPoint format. The material should still be organized and written in the same tone as it would be in a brochure. For example, short paragraphs, specially formatted paragraph headings, bullet points, Q and A section, one or two attractive graphics, might be some of the features you would include.

Length: 2-4 pages per brochure (total 4-8 pages)

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