4 questions short writing answers

Can you help me understand this Communications question?

1- Please write an essay as though writing a letter to a friend. Explain an intractable issue you have experienced or observed and the steps that you took to try to resolve it. Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in this chapter by advising your friend on how she/he might approachher/his own conflicts.

2- Describe work-life conflict.

3- List and describe strategies you can use to manage diversity-based conflict, deal with work-life conflict, and combat bullying in the workplace.

4- Please imagine you have a friend who is being bullied at work. Using a specific situation as a referencepoint, write an essay as though you were writing to your friend. Advise your friend on the various strategies he or she could use to manage the bully. Include both a description of the strategy and an example of how it might work in this circumstance.

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