4 questions 13

Theres 4 questions im not 100% sure on so if anyone could help me id be grateful , thank you

1 Glycogen is a polysaccharide stored in human body, starch is a polysaccharide stored in plants and cellulose is another polysaccharide in plants. Explain your views on how these three polysaccharides are different to each other? (10 Marks)

2, What is an aldopentoseand how does it look in a form of ring. Does aldopentosehave the same number of chiral carbonin a form of chain and in a form of cyclic? Explain your answers by giving an example? (5 marks)

3, As you use oil for frying some changes take place and oil properties change. Explain what are the changes ? Also rank the following samples for their heat stability. 1 for more stable and 3 for least stable. Explain your answer.

Rapeseed oil, sesame seed oil and coconut oil

(12 Marks)

4, Draw a fatty acid with 3 double bonds and 18 carbons. Place the double bond on carbon 3, 6 and 9. Double bond on carbon 6 should be in a form of cis and the other two in a form of trans. Is there any functional group present? (3 Marks)

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