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Write an essay comparing Being John Malkovich by Spike Jonze, Eraserhead by David Lynch, and Get Out by Jordan Peele. Focus on any three similarities or differences to explain why one film more effectively represents the weird. Consult a minimum of 1 critical source. 1250 words

Argument Essay – primary texts and secondary texts (criticism) 1250 Words To the best of your ability, respond to only one of the prompts posed below in an organized and carefully written argument essay. Your essay should have an introduction with a clear argumentative thesis statement, a conclusion, and 3 body paragraphs (5 total paragraphs). Your argument should be logical and convincing, relying on direct quotation from the text or texts you are writing about for support, and also demonstrating your understanding of the course theme or concepts you are writing about. For this essay you must consult between 1-3 critical sources and incorporate the relevant ideas into your argument. Critical sources can relate directly to the texts or topics you are writing about, but do not have to, as long as indirect sources are incorporated logically into your work. Critical sources should enhance or supplement your own work and do not take the place of it. All ideas from chosen critical sources need to be carefully cited in MLA style just as the fiction does. You must use the University of Manitoba library digital resources (whenever possible) to find critical sources.

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