Review the textbook readings, presentations, and lectures notes reflecting on the positions of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Richard Hooker. Construct your answer into the following 3 parts:

Part 1: This must be at least 1 paragraph long with a minimum of 100 words. Explain why you believe 1 particular theologian best reflects biblical Christianity. The important point is not which individual you choose but how well you explain and defend your choice. Be specific. Cite the individual points with which you agree and explain why they are scriptural. 

Parts 2 and 3: These must each be at least 1 paragraph with a minimum of 100 words. Explain in Parts 2 and 3 why you did not choose the other 2 theologians. In each of these parts, explain why you did not believe the theologian was the most scriptural in his views. You may also bring out points where you do agree with him.

Therefore, the thread must be laid out as follows: Part 1 must be the theologian you chose, Part 2 must be a theologian you did not choose, and Part 3 must be the final theologian you did not choose.

In addition to the thread, you must reply to at least 2 other classmates’ threads.

This assignment’s primary sources must be the textbook readings and references to Scripture; however, you may cite additional sources if you wish. Be sure to cite specific page references from your assigned textbook readings.

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