3 Small Essays each 300 words minimum

ESSAY 1: The Police Hierarchy

Although many police agencies today are rethinking their organization and goals, many still function in a hierarchical manner.

Write a 300 – 450 word paper that identifies the chain of command and examines how problems can arise within the organizational structure of a police agency.

Support your argument with at least two outside references.

ESSAY 2: What Makes a “Good” Officer?

Write a 300-450 word paper where you discuss what you think makes a “good” police officer. Interview a current or former police on their views of what makes a “good” police officer and provide your results of the discussion.  What did you learn from your interview?

In your paper also include a discussion on:

  • Characteristics of a “good” officer.

  • Give an example of an officer that you have seen with these characteristics. This may be in person or on television.

  • Support your argument with outside references.

  • Be sure to cite your resource(s).

ESSAY 3: Police Technology

In a 300 – 450 word paper, discuss how current technology is used by law enforcement in carrying out their duties and provide examples of new technology to include body cameras. How have these new technologies changed the way police do business. What are some of the issues / concerns this new technology brings with it ? Include in your discussion the issues of transparency, accountability, and right to privacy in the use of police body cameras?

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