3 Questions in Organizational Behavior Course

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Choose and do ONLY 3 of the following. Here is the questions;


A) Through using an example and definition , explain 2 formal bases of power and 2 informal bases of power. ( 4 marks)

B) What power and influence tactics can employees use to translate their power bases into specific actions and how does each one work? Explain only 2 of them and provide an example for each to describe better. ( 2 marks)


Q11) Due to a corporate restructuring, three of the six employees who work on your corporate investment team have been transferred to other teams and three new recruits to the organization will be assigned to your team as replacements. Although the three new hires are experienced from other organizations, they are new to your organization and your team. Consequently, your team will pass through most stages of team development again.

Describe any three (3) stages of of the 6 stage model of team development that your team will probably experience after the new recruits join the team. Please make sure your responses are specific to the above situation and avoid general responses. ( 6 mark)



A. Discuss two major challenges that virtual teams face? ( 3 marks)

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

B. For virtual teams to be effective, what should management ensure? Explain two strategies that management can implement to ensure virtual team effectiveness. ( 3marks)

Strategy 1:

Strategy 2:



You are a supervisor in a medium sized telecommunications industry. You supervise 15 -20 employees who are skilled and experienced customer service representatives. These employees perform non-routine tasks, such as solving unique customer problems and meeting special arrangements and goals with the company’s equipment.

A) Based on this information, identify the most appropriate leadership theory OR leadership style that you should use in this situation to make you a better leader. You answer must explain fully the chosen leadership theory or style in relation to the above situation. Be sure to avoid generalization and make sure you only talk about one specific leadership theory or style. ( 4 marks)

B) How do you compare and contrast being a manager vs being a leader? In other words how do you differentiate them? Provide 2 points in your response. ( 2 marks)


Use the PowerPoint lectures as your ONLY resource. (Attached)

Any answers from other sources are not acceptable

Answers should be in your own words.

If needed, you can use the course outline to know what each lecture covers. (Attached)

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