2 parts assignment

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PART 1———Briefly address each of the following bullets:

  • As suggested in the readings for this module, there is a significant difference in measuring the performance of a supply chain from the perspective of the customer and from the perspective of the shipper. Describe the differences between these two perspectives in supply chain design. In other words, how could shippers and customers differ in what they considered a successful supply chain transaction?
  • How could supply chain partners measure (quantify) the performance of a supply chain? Explain why each measurement suggested is relevant to at least one of the supply chain partners.

Give an example of two or more companies that participate in a single supply chain. Describe which company (or companies) would want to require each measurement that you have proposed. Explain why there would be resistance from at least one of the companies to any suggestion to eliminate each of the supply chain measurements that you have proposed.

PART 2——-Week 3 Project – Lean Production/Production/Supply Chain Management( I WILL PROVIDE THE PREVIOUS PAPER FOR THIS PART)

In this section of the course project, you will focus on supply chain management related decisions taken by the company you have chosen and the company’s strategy to work inn a lean environment. This analysis can be tied to a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and determination of core competencies.

Complete the following tasks:

  • Analyze the company’s decisions and strategy regarding supply chain management.
  • Evaluate the impacts of lean production on quality and the supply chain.

Prepare the deliverables for this unit to provide information on the following aspects of the company:

  • SWOT
  • Supply Chain Management analysis
  • Lean production analysis

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