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Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

An essay related to a personal experience based on one of theTopics of the book “Essentials of Life Span Development”

The Application Paper will focus on the application (connection) of what you are learning in the course with your life. You must discuss any experience you have had with any of the issues and/or behaviors learned and/or illustrated in the text. The use of vocabulary terms and concepts should be utilized throughout. A minimum of 5 vocabulary words must be utilized appropriately within the paper. Moreover, these words must be bold faced as well. The paper should be two full pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, and size 12 font. Additionally, it is fundamental that the reflection flow and stay on topic. *This assignment is based on a topic that you choose, such as, identity in adolescence or how socioeconomic status has affected your upbringing considering what is mentioned in the text. You must apply the theories and lessons discussed in the text. and apply them personally or share an experience that you may have had personally. This is not a research paper! I want you to be able to connect what you are learning to your life and be able to apply what you are learning.