2 pages – Essay Prompts—Essay #3 Select one of the essay prompts below for a two-page essay response. Your answer to the prompt question should be formulated into a singular thesis/argumen

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1. Characters

In the plays some characters are portrayed positively or negatively or both. Think about the characteristics, details, dialogue, and actions the author uses to elicit such responses in the reader. Explain how you feel the author is portraying the character and the reasons for such a portrayal.

2. Setting

Closely examine the setting of two plays. What are the main locations and how does the author use such devices as description, imagery, staging, props, and other details to enliven the story? Do the characters and settings work together effectively to make a convincing story? Discuss the techniques used by the author to make the settings authentic.

3. Time Period

How are two particular plays shaped by the period in which they were written? How do the characters, actions, themes relate to the setting? Consider the ways in which the characters are depicted, their beliefs portrayed, and how the issues that they must contend with are particular to the period.

4. Gender

How are male and female characters portrayed in two of the plays? Are choices limited by gender, and/or does gender influence choices. Explore how gender affects plot and character development in the plays and how would events change if the events were to take place today?

5. Detail

After a close examination of two readings, find an important detail that piques your interest. This can include theme, symbol, plot, language, tone, or other area. Examine this area more carefully and discuss how it relates to the plays’ overall meaning.

6. Conflict

Examine the nature of conflict in two of the plays. What struggles or decisions does the main character encounter? Did he or she make the right choice? How does he or she address this challenge? You might also consider the question of identity of a particular character or group; issues of assimilation and acculturation; identity transformations.

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