2*** Discussion

I don’t know how to handle this Chemistry question and need guidance.

In your post please include the following:

  1. Post a picture of either a phase of matter (also write what the picture is of). Please remember, this should be classroom appropriate.
  2. Post a picture of a phase change. This could be a phase change from solid, liquid, and gas, OR an endothermic/exothermic process.

For example, I would write in my post:


1. Plastic bottle of water, sitting next to a plant on a table:

{{{picture one }}} in attach file

2. Ice cube sitting out on the countertop

{{{picture 2 }}}}in attach file

please reply to at least one of your peer’s posts ( I will send you post to make a reply after finish your Inatail post ). In each reply, please do the following:

  1. Answer one of your peer’s questions

For example, I would write in my post:


1. Plastic is solid OR water is liquid

2. Solid ice warming up to room temperature is melting or endothermic process

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