2 discussion post and 6 replys to classmates, Cuba history class

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there are 2 topic need to post, and after post the topic discussions, need to reply 3 classmate’s post for each topic( provide feedback and exchange point), so total is 6 reply. the reply should be around 30-40 words.replys from classmates will be provide after post the inital post.

1st discussion debate : Contrasting narratives

The significance of the Cuban revolution is a hotly contested matter. Lets’ make an exploratory internet search to find adjectives and short phrases used to describe the revolution and its late leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016). Feel free to throw in your points of view (if you have one) or ask people around you. When posting your findings, organize them as positive, negative, and in between. What do you think that your findings and those of other classmates reflect? 200-250word Note: There is no right or wrong in this exercise. It intends to make more evident the broader discursive field where our learning takes place. If you find any resources you think others would like to check out, please post it.

2 discussion debate : the “whys” of revolution

Cuba in the 1950s entered in crisis, leading to revolution. To what extent was 1950s Cuba in a successful or failed trajectory of development? What are the different sides of this debate? What was the role of economic and political factors in all this? And the role of ideas and subjectivities? What do you think the Cuban case says about the conditions for revolution more generally?200 word-250words

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