2 CRCJ DB with 2 responses for each DB

I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.

DB 1

What is the difference between comparative criminal justice and comparative criminology? What is the difference between International and transnational crime (give an example of each)? The rate of criminal activity has increased over the years at the international and transnational level due to a multitude of factors (i.e. technology, globalization, etc…). Do you think a Border Wall will reduce criminal activity and immigration? With a Border Wall could we start letting-go (firing) border agents and instead hire engineers and maintenance people to ‘up-keep’ the wall?

DB 2

What was the first attempt at collecting crime data? Why is the international crime victim surveys one of the best tools to keep track of crime? What are other sources of keeping track of crime? Which country has the highest/lowest crime rates? How can high/low crime rates be explained?

each DB has 1 initial post (350 words) and 2 responses (150 words)

i will send the responses once i receive the initial post.

you will have 3 days to give me the initial post for the 2 DB and 1 day to give me the 2 responses for each DB

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