2 250 work journal entries and 1 decision making reflection form

I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.

I need to complete 2 journal entries for week 5 and 6 and one Decision Making Reflection Form. I will upload my prior journal entries so you can use them as a reference, for employee names and what I have been working on. As you will see in prior journal entries, I am volunteering for a nonprofit school that trains Certified Nursing Assistants and Caregivers. The school is new, so I have been helping them with marketing and coming up with revenue generating ideas. Everything is being done remotely due to covid.

I ended up getting sick this past week and have been able to do very little because of it. So, for the first journal entry you can expand from the one prior.As we continued to work on idea for the industry partner program and started to discuss branding ideas and brochures for the program. For the second journal entry you can discuss me being diagnosed with covid and how that has been it difficult to have enough energy to volunteer for that week.

The decision-making form, you can just come up with any idea you can think of that will be easy for you to fill out that form. Just make sure it aligns with the work the company does and keeping in mind its remote volunteer work for me.

Below are the instructions on the requirements for journal entries. They need to be APA and within 250-300 words. I have attached the decision making form that explains the requirements for it.

Journal Entries

For each day that you volunteer, create a new journal entry in which the first line is the day, date, and time period that you worked that day. Please put this information in bold font. Write a paragraph that describes the type of duties you carried out that day (what you did, who else was there, whether you were a part of a team or were working alone, etc.). Once each week, focus on one particular event or aspect of your work that week and describe why you found this particular task or event to be unusual or of special interest. In a 250-300-word entry, relate this aspect of your volunteer experience to some specific knowledge that you have previously gained in your coursework to this point.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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