Competitors in each of the Domestic and International Markets

Term Paper Part # 2Domestic and International Markets
Content Structure Criteria
Review your research materials to identify the following for Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. (NASDAQ – DNKN). Identify the following for their domestic and international operations. Critique each of these as to their ability, per your analyses, to handle the implementation of their current and long term strategies.
Current Strategy – 2016 – Achievable?
Long-Term Objectives – Achievable?
Organization Chart – Designed for Strategy Execution? (research the U shaped and its design purpose – do not build an org. chart)
Summary of the Top Current Risks – Threat to their Future? (all shown in 10K)
Top 3 Competitors in each of the Domestic and International Markets – Threat Potential?
REQUIRED: (your grade depends on you reading and following this criteria as deletions and variances from these below and above criteria will result in a loss of points)
Prepare a written report applying each of the above criteria to the Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. Be specific and current (2014 / 2015 / 2016) in your reporting of each of the criteria. Prepare your report with proper college level English in a proper sentence structure and paragraph format. Follow APA guidelines for all of your citations in the body of your report and the reference page. Outlines, large lists, and large word count quotes are not acceptable as a report format for this assignment. Include a cover sheet and a reference page. Add a minimum of5 sites to bring your total to at least 15. Remember to show your name on your paper. All citation and reference sources must be sited on the reference page. All quotes must be in quotations with the last name of the author in parentheses immediately following the quote including the year of publication. Prepare your paper using Times New Roman number 12 fonts and double spaced format with a minimum of 1700 words. Submit this paper in Blackboard in Microsoft Word only (no MAC Word programs accepted) and include all assignment materials in one file (i.e., cover page, content, exhibits, and reference page).

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