1. What procedure must a chatt

1. What procedure must a chattel mortgagee follow to preserve the security of the mortgage against subsequent encumbrancers or purchasers?

2. X purchased an automobile under a conditionalsale agreement from Y. Y registered the agreement in accordance with the provincial security registration requirements. X sold the automobile to Z without revealing the fact that it was subject to a conditional-sale agreement. X defaulted on the payments to Y. Advise Y of his rights at law.

3. A engaged B to build a garage for her on her property. B constructed the garage with materials purchased on credit from C Co. A paid B. B did not pay C Co. Advise C Co. of its rights.

4. Alymer had a credit card with a $25,000 credit limit. He arranged for a supplementary card on his account for Annya, his 18-year-old daughter. Annya used the card to purchase goods worth

$3,000, but Aylmer disapproved of her purchases. He demanded that she return them, but Annya

refused to do so. An identity thief obtained details from Annya’s card and ran up another $25,000 in charges. Who is responsible for payment of the card account, and in what proportions?


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