1. Tony McCreepy has admired A

1. Tony McCreepy has admired Ann for months, but he has never talked to her. One day Ann and Tony are walking towards each other in the hallway and much to her horror (because she’s afraid of him) he gave her a hug and a kiss. Tony has committed the tort(s) of:

2. A statute that prohibits the sale of liquor to minors including penalties for doing so is an example of

3. Greg signed a contract to work as an auto-parts manager for Jones Chevrolet. This contract is governed by:

4. Ian, a lawyer, sent an offer to Raymond on October 1 offering to sell Ian’s car for $5,000. The offer did not contain a provision stating when it would terminate. Under these circumstances, when will that offer terminate?

5. Marie and Jake work together at the local bank. Both Jake and Marie ride their motorcycles to work. Marie told Jake she didn’t own a car and it’s a good thing she has her motorcycle since there would be no other way to get around. One day Jake offers to sell Marie his motorcycle for $12,000. She asks him for three weeks so she can sell her motorcycle but he says no, he will give her one week. She told him she would have to sell her motorcycle for a $2,000 loss if he could not wait three weeks. She agrees to the one week and she in fact sold he motorcycle for a loss of $2,000. When she arrived with the $12,000 a week after his offer Jake had sold the bike to someone else for $15,000. Marie sues Jake. Most likely

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