1. Sharpe ratio Use the long-t

1. Sharpe ratio Use the long-term data on security returns in Sections 7-1 and 7-2 to calculate the historical level of the Sharpe ratio for the market portfolio.

2. Sharpe ratio Look back at Problem 9 in Chapter 7. The risk-free interest rate in each of these years was as follows:

a. Calculate the average return and standard deviation of returns for Ms. Sauros’s portfolio and for the market. Use these figures to calculate the Sharpe ratio for the portfolio and the market. On this measure did Ms. Sauros perform better or worse than the market?

b. Now calculate the average return that you could have earned over this period if you had held a combination of the market and a risk-free loan. Make sure that the combination has the same beta as Ms. Sauros’s portfolio. Would your average return on this portfolio have been higher or lower? Explain your results.

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