1) Mr. Hasan and Mr. Amir are

1) Mr. Hasan and Mr. Amir are partners in H-A Enterprises with capital contribution of 1 Million each. They have agree on the following terms: a) Mr. Hasan will be the sole active managing partner of the business. b) Profit will be shared between both the partners as 30% to Mr. Hasan and 60% to Mr. Amir whereas they have agreed to donate the remaining 10% as charity. c) Loss will be born as 30% by Mr. Hasan and 70% by Mr. Amir.
Subject: Islamic Banking and Finance
Question belongs to Islamic Banking And finance Case study
As a student of Islamic banking and finance, how do you evaluate below cases and, provide Shariah rulings whether these are Shariah compliant or not with valid reasoning/justification not more than 3 lines.

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