1) Companies have the opportun

1) Companies have the opportunity to use varying amounts of different sources of financing, including internal and external sources, to acquire their assets, debt (borrowed) funds, and equity funds. Company C uses long-term debt to finance its assets, and company D uses capital generated from shareholders to finance its assets. Which company would be considered a financially leveraged firm?

Group of answer choices

Company B

Company A

Company C

Company D

2) In 1626, Dutchman Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from a local Native American tribe. Historians estimate that the price he paid for the island was about $24 worth of goods, including beads, trinkets, cloth, kettles, and axe heads. Many people find it laughable that Manhattan Island would be sold for $24, but you need to consider the future value (FV) of that price in more current times. If the $24 purchase price could have been invested at a 5.25% annual interest rate, what is its value as of 2020 (394 years later)?

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