1. Ashley purchased a house in

1. Ashley purchased a house in a rural area. A farmer operated a cattle farm behind her property, and for many years had stored cattle manure at the top of a small hill near her property. Some months after Ashley had purchased the property, she had her well-water tested. The test indicated that the water was contaminated with e-coli bacteria. What advice would you give Ashley?

2. Two motor vehicles were in an accident on a highway. Both vehicles leaked oil, anti-freeze and gasoline on the highway. Police at the scene directed a local municipal fire department vehicle to clean the mess from the highway to avoid the danger of a fire. The fire department tanker used its water supply to flush the roadway. This drained into the ditch, then into a stream, then into a wildfowl nesting area. Who should have responsibility for the environmental clean-up and damage in this case?

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