1. A 3-phase generator rated 3

1. A 3-phase generator rated 3000 K VA, 20 kV, 900 rlmin, 60 Hz delivers power to a 2400 KVA. 16 kV load having a lagging power factor of 0.8. If the synchronous reactance is 100 n, calculate the value of E”, per phase.

2. The generator in fig 16.2 has a synchronous reactance of 0.4 Ω, per phase. It is connected to an infinite bus having a line voltage of 14 k V. and the excitation voltage is adjusted to 1.14 pu.

a. The torque angle 8 when the generator delivers 420 MW

b. The mechanical displacement angle ex

c. The linear pole shift (measured along the inside stator circumference) corresponding to this displacement angle linl.

Figure 16.2

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