1-7 questions photo history

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1. Provide a brief overview of the history of atomic bomb imagery within U.S. visual culture, focusing especially on the 1940s-50s time period. Including in your response a discussion of censorship and representations of the “mushroom cloud.”

2. Select any 1 of Shōmei Tōmatsu’s photographs dealing with the ramifications and aftermath of atomic war and provide a in-depth analysis of his choices in form, style, subject matter, symbolism, and overall messaging/meaning. How does Tōmatsu’s work provide a different perspective on nuclear war?

3. Discuss Edward Steichen’s exhibition, The Family of Man(1955), as a response to nuclear war.

4. Provide a brief overview of the Dada movement and explain, in particular, how Dadaist engaged with photography within their art practice. Including a clear definition and explanation of “photomontage.”

5.Select 1 work of photomontage by the Dada artists, Hannah Höch, and discuss how she is engaging with photography and using it as a medium to critique politics and popular culture during the Weinmar period in Germany.

6.Provide a brief overview of the Surrealist movement and discuss why photography was an especially interesting medium for Surrealist experimentation. What is it about photography that spoke to the interests, aims, and methods of Surrealists?

7. Think critically about some of the critiques leveled against Surrealism, especially its misogynistic overtones. How can the work of women Surrealist photographers, like Claude Cahun and Lee Miller, help us to see and think about Surrealism in a different way?

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